Black Frame

Black Frame

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Choosing frames can be annoying.

Which size do I need? Where do I get them from? What colour do I need?

Getting a frame WITH your art print saves you the time and effort of going out to get one once the print arrives.

Not only that, when ordered with a print, it's all there ready to hang on your wall!

The frames I offer are a beautiful solid black wood.

I like to keep it simple. Black frames bring out the colours in my art more than any other. They work perfectly in any room with any colour scheme.

Frames are available for my 8x6inch, A5, A4, A3 and A2 prints.

The frames come with a protective 1mm Acrylic Safety Glass sheet.

These are much thinner, lighter and safer than regular glass, and provide better UV protection (helping keep the vibrance of the colours in your art).

Since there's no glass, there's no chance of it shattering and damaging the artwork.