Lloyd Coenen Art
Lloyd Coenen is a mixed media artist most recognised for his vibrant and contemporary fluid artwork.

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England, Lloyd has been creating and showcasing his artwork since early 2017. He works mainly with expressive medium such as acrylic paints, but doesn’t limit his creativity to just the one medium. He likes to experiment, with other projects including digital illustration, sculpture and street art.

His creative career has been built independently with no representation from galleries or other external sources.

He has no formal creative qualifications, just a love for what he does and the persistence to continue creating expressive and bold art.

After spending a long 13 years working a desk job in accounting, Lloyd decided his passion for art was something he'd be happier pursuing.

​Lloyd quit his job and went full time as an artist just 2 days before the announcement of the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Fast forward to now, Lloyd has a studio in Leeds and has his original artwork and prints in homes of over 70,000 people as far as Australia, Brazil, Italy and the USA.

Lloyd's openness in his work and works process shows the world that his art is not just about the end creation, it's about the struggle that's come beforehand and the story it tells today.